What is web hosting?

If you decide to establish a website, you’ll need to store it on the web. Web hosting offers you web space to store your site. The server on which your website is stored must be set up with special hardware and software in order to ensure optimal functioning.

How can I manage my account?

You can manage your account via the user interface. Login data and a login address will be sent to you after your order is confirmed. You will be able to manage your account after we receive your payment and activate the service.

What web hosting package do I need?

When deciding on a web hosting solution, you’ll need to know your website requirements. A personal, static website has significantly smaller requirements than a busy web portal. You should also check the language of your website. At Hosterdam, these requirements are easily met because we offer full support to all customers. We have decided to provide users with a single package that satisfies a range of different requirements. This ensures that your website will always have enough resources to function perfectly.

I have ordered a web hosting service but have received no invoice/pro-forma invoice.

Because of the content (URL address, IP address, etc.), the e-mail was probably sent to your spam folder or list. Check your spam folder or contact your e-mail service provider. Also make sure you are checking the right e-mail account.

How can I access my web mail interface?

In the bottom right-hand corner of our website, you will find the ‘Web Mail’ button. This will take you to the web interface.

I have forgotten my control panel address.

Control panel web address: https://www.hosterdam.com/user. If you have lost your login details, please send us an e-mail and we will renew your login information.

Can I use more than one domain name with my hosting solution?

You can link up to 10 domains to your web hosting account.

How can I add a new database, sub-domain and FTP account?

It’s simple. Go to your user page and select the ‘My Services’ menu. A list of your active services will then be displayed. Select the web hosting service you wish to manage. A new subpage will open. Select the ‘Directadmin login’ button. Here you can edit, delete or add sub-domains, databases, FTP accounts and more.

What is meant by ‘unlimited space’ and ‘unlimited bandwidth’?

Unlimited packages have no defined web space or bandwidth limit. We want you to have all the resources at your disposal to create and maintain excellent websites, and we wish to offer the same excellent service to all our customers. We therefore require all our customers to read and accept the General Terms and Conditions, and to use web space and bandwidth in accordance with normal website data and traffic usage for small companies. When users go well above the ‘fair use policy’ for small company websites, it affects the quality of service for other users. If this happens, we are forced to warn the user and limit his activities so that we can ensure a high quality of service for other users.

Does Hosterdam limit bandwidth?

Hosterdam also differs from other web hosting providers in that we do not limit bandwidth.

What happens if I go over the ‘fair use’ quota or if I breach the General Terms and Conditions of service?

Our monitoring system constantly checks users’ activities and server operation. If the system detects a user account which breaches the General Terms and Conditions or is adversely affecting other users, we will temporarily suspend the account. We will, of course, immediately notify the customer and try to rectify the problem as quickly as possible. The most common examples are customers using accounts as storage for various multimedia files unrelated to their websites. It is important to note that Hosterdam offers capacity of space and bandwidth necessary for the operation of the website and its related content. Our web hosting service is not intended for the archiving and storage of files not available on the website or unrelated to it.

What is a domain name and how can I get my own domain name?

The website domain directs potential visitors to your website, with the website being stored on a dedicated place on the server. Each server requires an IP address (the server address), which points to your website. IP addresses contain only numbers and are impossible to memorise. We therefore use domains made up of letters, numbers and hyphens. Domains represent an IP address in a simpler form.

Why are the ‘fair use’ guidelines useful?

Hosterdam offers hosting through a shared environment; therefore, each website can have an impact on the operation of hundreds of other websites. We want our customers to understand our guidelines – guidelines which help us to provide high-quality services – before purchasing our services.

I already have a domain, how do I proceed?

If you have already registered your domain with another registrar but wish to use Hosterdam’s services, there are two possibilities. The first is to transfer your domain to Hosterdam and edit the DNS records (an offer for a domain is the same as buying a new domain). Domain transfers differ according to extension, but are not complicated. If you opt for domain transfer, the domain must be valid for at least 5 more days.

The other option is to keep your domain with your current registrar and apply for a change to the DNS records. The ‘A’ records will need to be updated so that the domain points to the IP address of the account you have opened with Hosterdam. Your will receive your IP addresses after you complete your purchase. You can view and edit DNS records with the account you hold with your DNS service provider.

What are the default DNS servers?

To make the process of setting up your web hosting easier, we offer a selection of default DNS records when registering your domain. If you want to use the default DNS servers, select ‘Use the default registered DNS servers’. When you register the domain, the following DNS servers will be used:

  • dns1.siel.si
  • dns2.siel.si
  • dns3.siel.si

I would like to use my own DNS servers.

Of course. During the process of purchasing a domain, we will help you select the right DNS servers or default DNS servers. If you want to use your own DNS servers, select ‘Enter your own DNS servers’ during the purchase process.

If you do not wish to enter the DNS servers, select ‘Enter your own DNS servers’ and leave the fields blank. The domain will have no DNS servers set, although you can change this setting at any time.

This process can only be used for domain purchase without web hosting.


Naša spletna stran uporablja piškotke, ki se naložijo na vaš računalnik. Ali se za boljše delovanje strani strinjate z njihovo uporabo?

Več o uporabi piškotkov

Uporaba piškotkov na naši spletni strani

Pravna podlaga

Podlaga za obvestilo je spremenjeni Zakon o elektronskih komunikacijah (Uradni list št. 109/2012; v nadaljevanju ZEKom-1), ki je začel veljati v začetku leta 2013. Prinesel je nova pravila glede uporabe piškotkov in podobnih tehnologij za shranjevanje informacij ali dostop do informacij, shranjenih na računalniku ali mobilni napravi uporabnika.

Kaj so piškotki?

Piškotki so majhne datoteke, pomembne za delovanje spletnih strani, največkrat z namenom, da je uporabnikova izkušnja boljša.

Piškotek običajno vsebuje zaporedje črk in številk, ki se naloži na uporabnikov računalnik, ko ta obišče določeno spletno stran. Ob vsakem ponovnem obisku bo spletna stran pridobila podatek o naloženem piškotku in uporabnika prepoznala.

Poleg funkcije izboljšanja uporabniške izkušnje je njihov namen različen. Piškotki se lahko uporabljajo tudi za analizo vedenja ali prepoznavanje uporabnikov. Zato ločimo različne vrste piškotkov.

Vrste piškotkov, ki jih uporabljamo na tej spletni strani

Piškotki, ki jih uporabljamo na tej strani sledijo smernicam:

1. Nujno potrebni piškotki

Tovrstni piškotki omogočajo uporabo nujno potrebnih komponent za pravilno delovanje spletne strani. Brez teh piškotov servisi, ki jih želite uporabljati na tej spletni strani, ne bi delovali pravilno (npr. prijava, nakupni proces, ...).

2. Izkustveni piškotki

Tovrstni piškotki zbirajo podatke, kako se uporabniki vedejo na spletni strani z namenom izboljšanja izkustvene komponente spletne strani (npr. katere dele spletne strani obiskujejo najpogosteje). Ti piškotki ne zbirajo informacij, preko katerih bi lahko identificirali uporabnika.

3. Funkcionalni piškotki

Tovrstni piškotki omogočajo spletni strani, da si zapomni nekatere vaše nastavitve in izbire (npr. uporabniško ime, jezik, regijo) in zagotavlja napredne, personalizirane funkcije. Tovrstni piškotki lahko omogočajo sledenje vašim akcijam na spletni strani.

4. Oglasni ali ciljani piškotki

Tovrstne piškotke najpogosteje uporabljajo oglaševalska in družabna omrežja (tretje strani) z namenom, da vam prikažejo bolj ciljane oglase, omejujejo ponavljanje oglasov ali merijo učinkovitost oglaševalskih akcij. Tovrstni piškotki lahko omogočajo sledenje vašim akcijam na spletu.

Nadzor piškotkov

Za uporabo piškotkov se odločate sami. Piškotke lahko vedno odstranite in s tem odstranite vašo prepoznavnost na spletu. Prav tako večino brskalnikov lahko nastavite tako, da piškotkov ne shranjujejo.

Za informacije o možnostih posameznih brskalnikov predlagamo, da si ogledate nastavitve.

Upravljalec piškotkov